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Celine Dion

Celine Dion

She was on Larry King the other night, talking about the Hurricane Katrina victims. First, why was SHE being interviewed? Do any of us care what HER opinions are about anything? Then Larry King asked her if she had a "message of song" to send to the victims. This almost got me to add Larry to this list. But then she actual DID have a message of song!

It's not just that, mind you...that was all icing. She's annoying. Her music SUCKS! She's married to a creep old guy who might be her father. She's obnoxious. She's full of herself. And if I NEVER hear that Titanic song again, it will be too soon. Trust me, Celine, if you were to suffer disfiguring injuries in a blimp accident, my heart would go on.