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If your using Windows don't have a Dell you will have problems. Me and some other geek friends use only Dell and never have probs. But A few months I joined the Mac club, Imac and a Macbook, and have never been happier. I don't understand why people are still using a PC when you can have a Mac and use parallels for Windows. Works perfectly! How about doing that instead, my fearless IT Guru:-))


Mr. Big Dubya

Ok, sir? Can I ask you to shutdown your computer and remove all peripherals except for the keyboard and the subwoofer for your soundsystem. Ok, now let's power back up and press F2, F5, F7, and F12 while holding down Ctrl and the Shift keys - that's ok, you might want to have someone come in and help you with that one - I have 12 fingers so it's a little easier for me. Ok, let's go ahead and log in in Fail Safe Mode - yes, that is just an ironic term isn't it? Those guys who do the coding have a really great sense of humor. Ok, now turn your printer on. Huh? I told you to keep that attached - how else would you print out a SysConfig? Sigh. Well, we'll just have to start all over. Ok, press Page Up, Page Down, Scroll Lock, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Tab, tab, Left Arrow, Space Bar - you should now have infinite lives and infinite ammo and be in God mode.....


Interesting IT post. I don't understand any of it. The part I do understand is that the box under the desk isn't working and for that I am sad.
I hope it gets better soon.


I almost had to do an emergency fix of my computer last night when a cockroach crawled into it.


The little shit.

He left though, and I was saved from the kind of trauma you seem to have endured...


While you're cursing Microsoft, send one out to AOL too. I tried to post a reply twice on AOL and the damn thing crashed! Sone ofa Biach! Well, piss on AOL and hello Mozilla! Horay!

Now, as I was going to say originally, just go snag the Comadore from Mom & Dad's basement. Think of all the wonderful nostalgia you can play with? And DOS is a wonderful thing. You won't have to worry about Windows at all! Ah Comadore....what would my childhood have been without you?


LONG LIVE THE MAC!!! Boy, that was a good decision... ;-)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Oodgie has a sweatshop?



I love my mac and i'll recomend it to everyone. However I realize that doesn't help you in the moment. I've never understood the whole, please visit us on our website....yes if my computer was doing what it was supposed to (or my internet at my house) I'd gladly do that. But i it was, I wouldn't exactly need ot call you and spend two hours on the phone listening to you tell me every 15 seconds to get faster service online.


Can you do one of those pix for larry ellison too? he's the other one of hell's minions on earth.


I'd rather see my mother in a whorehouse than on a Windows PC.


We have a friend who works for MS. Knowing I am an Apple user she gave me an "I had breakfast with Bill Gates" t-shirt as some kind of joke. Now people accost me and ask "What was he like?" and I tell them "He didn't use a fork."

As an aside, I'd rather see MetroDad's mom in a brothel than on a Windows PC too. I was just telling Mo this morning...

L.A. Daddy

Yes, that is the beauty of my Apple addiction. Many call it a toy, but... well, my toy works and your computer doesn't :)


Oh god. Reading about your re-formatting hell just gave me convulsions...until I read Jonathon's comment, and then I think I puked and fainted simultaneously.


You have my deepest sympathies. I love my Mac. I am quite bitter that I had to recently get a pc laptop. I am not able to access my company's intranet via a Mac (CRAZY!) As a result, the Mac sits in my office, not getting as much action as it used to get.


I'm 98% with all you Mac fanatics out there. The fact is, though, that not everything works on a Mac, and sometimes having a PC around can save you a world of grief.

Meanwhile, I'm going to do an FDISK format of the hard drive to get rid of the extended partition, update the BIOS, and reload the system, potentially forgoing Service Pack 2.

I have no idea what I just said.

the weirdgirl

Oh my poor dear, I FEEL YOUR PAIN! And I totally understood what you just said; partition, bios update, service pack, yep yep yep. And I'm not even an IT person, how sad is that?

On another note, my DELL is working fine after I spent three & half months on the help line with them and THEN they replaced my motherboard!

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