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Mr. Big Dubya

You have my cell # should you find yourself in need of some assistance or some talking down off the ledge.


Keep your chin up tiger, everything is going to be great.


If we don't hear from you by noon, we're sending in the SWAT team.


You could try this; when I first lost my job in Sept 2003 (starting a period of being a SAHD for 18 months) the twins were 16 months old.

I started leaving The West Wing on in the background while we played (it was that or The Wiggles and Barney on a constant loop - [shudder])

Now they're four and they love to sit on the couch with me and watch West Wing episodes. One of them is going to be a politican when they grow up.

Everything will be fine. Just remember; they smell fear.

And I agree with Sheryl, if we dont hear from you by noon your time, I'm calling in reinforcements.


You're pathetic. I'm telling you....teach her how to play video games. I need an actual CHALLENGE when I come to visit.


Take the girl to the park. Don't worry about sleeping times, as long as she naps and sleeps at night. Just take advantage of the time. She will tire out more with you, cause dad's play differently.


I'm sending in the Master Cheif for backup. Those clouds outside are Covenant drop ships.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Noggin is channel 298 on DirecTV.

Oh, okay. Real advice?

Dance parties are always fun, and the kid won't mind if you are a bad dancers. Mine prefer bad dancing.

Coloring is good, reading books, singing songs (especially ones with hand motions like "Itsy Bitsy Spider").

She's one? Peek a boo could keep her busy for 45 minutes.


Nice job, dad

CHEEKY IS BEAUTIFUL! Holy blue eyes, batman!

And- I bow down to your links (as always) the violin guy? what's it like in your head?


You are doing a great job! I was going to suggest Noggin as well, but Sarah's on top of that. PBS Sprout is Channel 295 if she gets bored of Dora or you get creeped out by Oobi.

The picture of Cheeky is ADORABLE!


The first day is always the toughest, my friend. The secret to success is 50% perspiration and 50% inspiration. Judging by the looks of that delivery bag bib, I think you're going to be just fine. If you need a hand, give me a call!


I adore that picture. I hope no one from CPS sees it though.


I'm loving that bib improvisation!


You're both welcome here for the weekend.


We drove through that storm today, it stunk. Glad all is going great. Remeber, we are in Plainview (not hiding but Plainview...right there).


Good luck mi compadre. Monday will be here before you know it...

Since she's asleep, I suggest beer and videogames... always a nice tension reliever.


You're doing a great job-especially the plastic bag thingy-who cares about that whole suffocation issue anyway-highly overrated! Love that foto-she is such a gem-labor intensive but fabulous-call for help if desperate-but I think you have it all down-and remember-she will recall this alone time with you forever-her analyst will help her over time -- say-twenty years or so?
Love and kisses to the kid-

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