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I have boxes that I haven't unpacked from when I moved from my studio to our first apartment. We then moved to our first home and now our second. I think I know what is in the boxes and I am sure I will some day need the random parts of tea sets my grandmother gave me. I am sure. Hubby just holds onto camping gear, even the stuff with holes in it.


While I definitely have pack rat tendencies, I keep them supressed. My mother is the Uber-pack rat and it scares me. She now lives in a tiny 500 sq.ft. apartment. She stores her canned goods in the hallway. She has 20+ empty Godiva and Whitman's candy boxes strewn about her bedroom THAT SHE DOESN'T SLEEP IN because it is full of crap. Apparently my sister incurred her wrath last week because we dared to throw out a couple of candy boxes when she wasn't looking.


So, would you be one of those people spending his time on Saturday mornings looking at garage sale trash..I mean stuff, if it wasn't for your wife?

I toss most stuff, it is just not that important. But I keep sentamental things, teeny weeny baby socks and shit. One day, I will probably throw that away too.

zygote daddy

I must say, I'm with Oodgie on this one, although I do understand your pain. I've been there, man. I used to be a total packrat. When I was in middle school, I was positive that in 50 years I would totally still want that commemorative miniature basketball from the '93 NBA all-star game. Then came dorm life and apartment life, and I made a total 180, purging my life of anything not totally necessary. I've now realized that it's not like I don't like stuff, it's just that I'm not anal-retentive enough to keep it all organized, and it ends up being a little scary after a while if I have too much.


Okay, so I did just write a post recently about how I save baby teeth. But let me say this anyway--New York apartments (and their corresponding storage units) are sucking holes that need to be investigated by Stephen Hawking or something. When my dh's grandmother passed away last year, and we had to clear out the apartment that she and her husband lived on for 30 years, I'm quite certain that we found approximately 4000 photographs (just to start). Now, they're all living in our basement.

Phat Daddy

In our house, I play the role of Oodgie and Becky plays your part. With 4 of us now, I think my fight against the rising tide of stuff is futile. But fight I must!
In all honesty, if I had my way our place would look like a zen monastery (a very tech filled one).


I'm more like Oodgie, although I have some packrat tendencies when it comes to what I deem a keepsake. I hate clutter, though, so I am more likely to throw something out than it to keep it. I'm afraid I could be accused of being ruthless with certain types of items, too.

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