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Well, I'm not really the one you want to hear from on this, because I technically wasn't actually given a choice. Mine were a package deal. But we always planned on having two.

That being said, I would hate to be pregnant again.

And that being said, I know that most pregnancies aren't that bad.

I think adoption is a great option. It provides a home for a child that needs one, but I'd imagine it's not cheap.


We always knew we wanted more. In fact, we are freaks who want four. But I will tell you, I didn't really want to think about having a second one until Maya was 18 months. When she became a full fledged toddler was about the time I started wanting a second. Maybe it is too early. I mean Cheeky isn't even walking yet. Give it time. I am with Sarah, adopting is great if you decide to go that route. On the other hand, if you decide one is it, there is nothing wrong with that either. Not everyone has to have two kids. Either way, please don't call any kid Pong. Ok? Thanks. ;)


Didn't you feel the same way before beautiful, wonderful, adorable, brilliant, Chloe came along? If you wait too long, the mix might really be changed. (I can think of an example, here.) Having a "playmate" is a definite advantage. But, no pressure.


Mo and I had not considered the name before, but now that you've mentioned it, PONG is a late-coming (3 weeks to go) but fully qualified entrant in the baby #2-naming- sweepstakes. I cannot answer any of the deep questions you have regarding re-reproducing. My plan, such as it was, ended at conception.

Have you considered cloning?


can someone pulleez shut him up... PONG IS OUT!

We went through it and I was an adamant only-child advocate... then I was introduced to my good friend 'natural child spacing' and you know there is a lot going for having more than one. But yep I get pretty astonished that children are treated as some package deal; ever since the time share in Rio I am highly suspicious of anything sold as a package 'deal'


um, lets see, i have 3 boys, the first and last were NOT planned

i like em fine anyway

nuff said


The first thought that came to mind when I found out Heidi was pregnant with David aka "Wrongside" was F@#K! Not again.

Thats how it went too. After having Merry, a perfect little dear that would sleep through the night and entertain herself David was and remains relentlessly demanding.

Oh double F#$k!, was my response when I found out about the third. Thomas has been as easy as his sister.

Immediately after Thomas I got fixed. No more suprises for me.

From where I stand more is better, it opened my eyes to possibillities I did not recognize when I was a Dad to only one.

dear wife

Well I am still pregnant with my first, so I hold no personal exsperience. I made a promise to my best friend (who is an only child) that I never would have only one and our plan is two. If this one turns out to be two, I guess that's it. I think ou still have plenty of time. My mother waited till my brother was five before having me. And all that stuff about spacing does not always hold true. Me and my brother got along well. I plan on not having my secound until the first is out of diapers.


We were just thinking how lonely we would have been these last 10 or so years, if we had had only one child. No pressure, really.

Crunchy Carpets

You are right...if the first one is perfect...the next one will be the total opposite.

We got sucked in..."gee this parenting thing is a breeze! What where all those negative nellies talking about?"

I will tell you!!

The next one will do all the things the first one didn't!

While I adore my daughter...at two she is a freaking psycho!

And two exponentially adds to the chaos and lack of sleep and work and so on and so on.

The rewards grow too....but your life will never be the same again!

And yet, we are planning no. 3!

or a dog.


We had decided on our dear daughter being an only child... you can see where this is going... We decided that after christmas the husband would go and get snipped. My daughter's first birthday was December 20. I found out I was pregnant December 29th. My kids are exactly 20 months apart. Stressful? OHMYGOD. Would I do it differently? Never. I did make sure during my c-section that my tubes were securely tied. It is stressful but wonderful if that makes any sense. They are close enough to love and hate each other equally and they do tend to occupy each other. Good luck on your decision making..... and because you wrote this, she is probably already pregnant! :)


I love the fact that you mentioned this when you did. Beth and I were just having a very similar conversation about the possibility of a second. Neither of us could imagine that right now. We're so totally fixated on Mia!


We've always talked about having two, but we weren't ready for another until The Voice was almost three years old. I think it was good for everybody: TV got some time to be the special only guy, and yet isn't too much older than his new sister (who he says is his favorite person in the world), and we got a break for a while. kind of.

If you have another, wait a while.


I soooooo had a crush on Liz Montgomery!

How about I share some of mine with you?


Each time you have a child your freedom (which you think is non-existent now) decreases by a factor of 5 (not to mention your disposable income). If you can handle that, as a mom of 3 I say go for it.


Don't rush it man and ABSOLUTLY DO NOT give in to pressure to do so. There is nothing selfish about waiting to have another child after you have just had your first.

Give yourself a chance to fully absorb being a parent and enjoy it.


After our first was born, I wanted 4. I loved being pregnant, loved the babies. We now have 2 and our 2nd is different from the 1st, but she's not like a monster. I don't buy into that whole theory that if Baby #1 is a breeze, then it logically follows that #2 will be the Anti Christ. I am an only child, and it has it's pros and cons., but I remember feeling alone a lot of the time. That being said, if you really don't want a second right away, then just wait. The adoption process can take a very long time, so it may be a moot point.

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