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Congratulations croutonboy. Hopefully I am next on the new job front.


As a piece of the internet that I firmly consult on the regular basis I am sure you are there man. Hopefully it won't be so damn satisfying as to in anyway draw you from this, your true calling. Yay your way.


Congrats!! Best of luck on your new adventure. Do you get some time off between jobs? Does it mean I can come to you with ANY internet questions that may pop up?:-) I remember you talked about this when we met in NYC so I'm glad you're finally "free"


Hygiene Dad

w00t! That's awesome. There is nothing more validating than changing jobs, espeically those with better commutes.

Mrs. Chicky

Congrats! As someone who also got out from under the thumb of Big Business I applaud your new move. I'm projecting, but I don't think you'll regret it.


Congratulations! Wow, great commute time.


STAND AND DELIVER! Congrats on the soul pressure-release. As a job-hopping brother myself (although you haven't seemed to master the double-paycheck-two-months-off aspect) I applaud your existence as a test case for our talent economy.

How soon until you are back in Queens consulting for our-man-Utkarsh?


congratulations, and I assume the short commute will give you more time with the babe(s)?

I miss the days when it was perfectly acceptable for movie posters to consist solely of caricatures of the cast complimented by an impressive vehicle.


Congrats. That sounds great. Especially the not having to wait for seventeen people to get eaten by snakes. I mean, one or two may have been possible, but seventeen sounds like a long shot.

Mr. Big Dubya

dude - suhweeet. best of luck in the new gig

chocolate makes it better

mmmmmmmm snakes.

Man that's awsome news. Now we can speak web geek stuff together!!!


tell me again what it feels like to spend your days feeling fulfilled and satisfied that you are waking up for a reason...well, tell me once you start this new jobby-job!

good luck man, i am writhing in jealousy. and by that i mean wishing you all the best!


Congratulations! Now you'll have more time to blog.


Congrats, man. Getting out of a shitty job is one of life's great pleasures.


Awesome! Best of luck. What a sweet commute.


A new job can be very exciting and not having to report to something you hate is great.
By the way, I am tagging you for a 'meme'


that's great tony - congratulations!


I was going to say the same thing Susan did. We will be expecting even better pictures that illustrate your points! Will that even be possible?


the weirdgirl

Congratulations!! Doesn't feel great when you get to quit the crappy job?

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