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Sadly enough (and I'm ashamed to admit this here but then again, this is a new blog and who's really reading it, right? Just kidding!), our standoff seems to be over who is going to give the dog a bath. Our little beast hates being washed. He shakes. He shouts. And he's liable to run off at any minute. Hence, we come to a Mexican standoff. And since we're both stubborn as hell, our dog is able to avoid getting washed for months at a time. We've actually been in our elevator and have had people say, "Holy Shit! What in God's name is that awful smell?" Of course, we always blame it on the construction guys in the building. And that's usually our clue to relent and BOTH give him a bath. Sad, isn't it?

On a side note, welcome to the wonderful world of fatherhood. Glad to "meet" you. And a fellow NY'er too! Cool!


This child is incredible! Today we went to the B'klyn Museum and did culture! She loves paintings and watching leaves blow around in the trees-She also sits up practically unassisted while I type this blog-ette.
Amazing, sweet-natured and smart as a whip-Just like Claude as a baby. She tried to type along but I pushed her little hand off the keys-I am bigger than she is! You are a funny, funny man and have truly missed your calling-Why not write the outline for a sitcom in between working in Queens, doing night duty for the kid, moving the car from side to side, being a loving helpmate, showering, playing racquetball and just being an all-around fabulous guy! I'm sure you can do this? Right?? Keep me posted.


Some ideas for the nom de plume first lady: Princess Bride, Commadress in Chief, COO (chief operating officer) which ryhmes withe "goo") , Mrs. Chloe, , The Saint, The Drone, The Momster,-etc.

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