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Apparently, your Moto Q sucked ass. Mine - the Moto Q Global - is actually a pretty damn good phone

mr. big dubya

Apparently, your Moto Q sucked ass. Mine - the Moto Q Global - is actually a pretty damn good phone


I have the palm treo, which I loved until it went senile on me. I have been thinking about dealing with the fees I will incur by breaking with Verizon but i think they may be worth it. I guess you can IM me from your new phone tomorrow and let me know how awesome it is...


When my wife forces me to own a cellphone, the iPhone just might be the one.

L.A. Daddy

Our contract on our current phones just happens to be running out this month... and wouldn't you know it?! The iPhone 3G makes a debut.

Would I stand in line for it? Uh, no. I wouldn't stand in line for a full Beatles reunion.

But I may have to pull a trigger or two myself...


UPDATE: I stood in line for two hours this morning in the blistering sun, and moved 40 feet. People thanked me as I got out of the line and walked home. I'll swing by later just in case, but if I can wait a year I can wait another couple days if I need to. Screw that.


iPhone...good...apple releasing new iPhone 3 months after I bought the old one...bad...iPhone...good...

can I just mention that during our recent driving vacation, landisdad and I were able to just jump on roadfood.com when we were trying to find places to eat?


it's a phone. sure its lovely and pretty and all kinds of wonderful...but worth waiting in line FOR DAYS????!!!! so. not. worth. it.

but hot damn i really want one.


And, does that iPhone somehow reverse your aging process?? Between your sidebar pic and Liz's blog I woulda thought you'd seen a cosmetic surgeon.

All on the cusp of news that cellphones will make your brain fall out.

Kevin T.

Have you laid hands on the Holy Grail?!? I actually have to wait until Nov. 26 when my Sprint contract expires, and will be borrowing a pile of my daughter's bibs for all the drooling I'll be doing between now and then.

the weirdgirl

My phone is so old it doesn't take pictures and the menu to read a text message is so antiquated that no one can figure it out. There are texts that are trapped in phone limbo on my cell.

I WANT an iPhone. But I will wait patiently just a bit longer.

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