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Priceless. There should be a study on the development of self in children as developed through the exploration of one's power of fecal retention. On an unrelated note I found a mystery shit on the floor yesterday, likely removed manually from a shit-containment device by its wearer. My daughter found another nearby. She brought it to me. Good times.


Hey p-man, I too found a shit on the dining room floor after my son was potty trained. The floor is not white and in no way resembles a toilet. He was likely channeling his inner dog and wanted to show how pissed he was at me. We've actually had to resort to medical intervention with a prescription of polyethyline glycol to help out Bird (dining room pooper) on more than one occasion. Deal, on the other hands, shits about 4 times a day. Bet you wish you were so lucky.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

We just got beyond this phase. Claudia didn't poop without a suppository for like a month.

It was awful.

Mitch McDad

Nope. I can't relate. I'm with you in that I relish my daily movements.
Alas, my girls take after dear old dad in the pooping prowess.

Perhaps they can visit your house and do a seminar.

the weirdgirl

Just reading this makes my butt hurt.


LOL! We've never had this problem. I'm proud (or maybe embarrassed) to mention me and the kids are regular poopers. At least a couple of times a day. Probably more info that you needed...

Nice weekend



LMFAO! I had one pooper who would wait until after the 10 minute cheer session with him on the toilet and me channeling my innermost pep squad. Then he would go behind the chair and grunt and crap in his underwear. Those were trying times.

Then my daughter came along with the biggest poops know to humankind. We tried lubricant, suppositories, mineral oil...uggh my blood pressure just went up thinking about it.

There is nothing more fun than picking up a rock in the living room with bare hands only to realize it is a human elk turd.

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