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I, like you, am obsessed with CD's. My wife and I have over 500 and I have to have them arranged in alpha order by genre.

Also, my lawn... which I get from my father who is also obsessed with his lawn.


Is porn an obsession or an addiction?

I still buy CD's. I generally only download music by the song, not the album. I like the tangibles.


We love you CB. The cataloguer in me loves you. The music maniac in pman loves you. You could be our demon spawn if we hadn't already made two the old fashioned way.

You'll see there is a little award for you over at our house today.. I'll root around for some button code asap.

Admittedly I am mostly always thinking.. what does he mean? Closely followed by 'Man, you gotta say he's got the best href's in blogdom'

L.A. Daddy

Hmmm. I still have room. And my music obsession. And I refused to go digital (ain't got me no ipod yet...)

I may have to buy some music from you :)


Well, I have a suggestion for a separate project for your OCD...scanning and organizing pictures. You get to scan, crop, adjust, tag, and organize thousands of pictures. I just finished the last nine years of my own. Sounds much like what you did with your songs. Fortunately the last 4 years were already digital.

Darren a/k/a Clare's Dad

My wife thinks I'm obsessive just for alphabetizing CDs and separating them by genre. I'll have to get her to read this.

the weirdgirl

Want to hear about some more geeky love? In our new house I not only have room for a (small) library for my books (OMG!), I have a whole walk-in closet we're building as the "media" library (aka CDs), AND I just scored this massive network drive/webserver combo that I'm going to set up for backups of all the mp3s on Keen's computer and all the photos on mine (OMG! OMG! OMG!). Can you tell which one I'm most excited about? Let the tagging begin!


I spent hours looking up track numbers and correcting genres. I broke greatest hits albums up so that I'd have the original album and release years listed.

Uhhh, you mean I'm not the only one who does this?

I've been obsessing over my 35,000 songs for about four years now. I'm actually down to 541 song that don't have the proper release year. I use Wikipedia, Amazon, and other assorted sites to look up obscure singles and artists.

After I ripped all my CDs, I sold most of them on eBay. Made for a lovely little down payment on our house. Funny thing, but I don't miss those CDs. The music is easier to access through iTunes. I have it all stored on three different computer hard drives, and half of it is on my iPod. I'd like to back it up in one more place.


What. About. The liner notes?


You and my husband should talk....EVERYTHING is backed up to disk that's digital...which means there are stacks of cd's everywhere. Along with the boxes of purchased cd's....

sigh...it really ever ends.

Denver Dad

Ugh. I feel the pain of your compulsions, Croutonboy. I'm going through a similar crisis of faith in that I have almost my entire collection ripped to MP3, but I know that the AAC format sounds as good as MP3 (usually at 160 kbps), but results in smaller file sizes.

And then there's the sneaking suspicion that what I really want to do is encode all of my music in a lossless format. Maybe even that ogg vorbis format, which will require that I get a new MP3 player. Maybe I should get a new iPod anyway... and, I'm not happy with my headphones. I should build another headphone amp that I can use "on the road" because... sigh. Like I said, I feel your pain.

Good luck. There has to be some kind of specialized help we can get. Maybe a hotline number or something to call.

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