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Mr. Big Dubya

I will be joining you, Chag and Paige in this pursuit and I, too, will set some rules that I will disregard with reckless abandon. I have to respect your openness for including Seal - I think "Kiss From a Rose" gave him a bad rep.


I like your rules so much better... and now that you've added a soundtrack, so can I!!

I'm actually having a tough time kicking albums OFF my top 100... I'm thinking my list will be good to go on Monday.

And Stevie Wonder in the 90's. the 90's?!?!?! for. shame.


Another STRONG list. Excellent!!


I can't believe Tim is so high on your list, that was the first replacements album I loaded on my iPOD. I am with Kara about SW in the 90's.


Hmmmmm. Now that I know other people couldn't possibly live with the one album per band rule, I may go through with this.


Very interesting...I have my doubts, but now that I see "the list" I might have to go on over to iTunes to listen.


Nice list... though Summerteeth should be much, much higher in my opinion.


I actually didn't think any of those were so bad. In fact most of them I liked.

Is a soundtrack cheating?

Can I do my own list?

Mrs T

Ok, a soundtrack is not cheating- Garden State is right up there for me, and so is The Royal Tennenbaums. I just flew last week and sang "Waitress in the Sky"- I sing it every time, as well.
Love me some Wilco.


Summerteeth? You must really like Wilco.


Summerteeth? You must really like Wilco.


Summerteeth? You must really like Wilco.


Summerteeth? You must really like Wilco.


String of Pearls is my favorite Soul Asylum song ever! I'm really enjoying the list and can't wait to see the rest.


Ditto the congrats on your openmindedness on including Seal. And I agree SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIFE IN THE 90s?? That's blasphemy.

Mrs. Chicky

True story... Growing up, I was about 5 or 6, I was horribly afraid of the Immigrant Song. I used to bury my head in the vinyl seats of our old Pontiac while my dad blared III from the 8 track. The screaming, it got to me. Funny how its now one of my favorite songs.

(btw, I was also afraid of Zappa's 'Don't you eat that yellow snow'. Too much information?)


So far, I am liking your list--good calls on Seal and Badly Drawn Boy. I can't wait to read the next lists as I am SURE that there will be several more Wilco/Uncle Tupelo/Son Volt entries... Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, anyone?

Sorry--maybe I should do my own list.


I'm so excited about your list. Like most men (my wife says usually only men do this) I love classifying things by best or worst (top ten hockey checks, top ten TKOs, top auto racing crashes, NBA dunks, etc. etc...). Yours is shaping up to be a more 'everyman's' list unlike the ones at pitchforkmedia.com's where I have like two of the albums from their list of 100!) Nice work..

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