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I want something too. And I am not very specific in my wants. We should hunt down this guy "Charlie" they keep talking about.


Me too. I'm insanely jealous of the people who got portable DVD players and even the ones that got free KY spray. I never get shit.



Ever hear of bloggers who review free beer? I'd like to volunteer to be the first.


Wait a minute, bloggers are getting free junk?? I want free junk!!


The pink teddy bear gun is in the mail. But remember, my friend...teddy bears don't kill people. People kill people.


Duuuude, I agree. I tried whoring myself in the comments section of Metro's site last week, to no avail.


I know! WHAT IS UP WITH THIS?! Who is this Charlie of which all these lucky bloggers speak? I must know!


I was about to say that we're experienced product reviewers; they should be sending us Xbox 360's and plasma TV's and JetSkis and all kinds of cool swag, but then I remembered that in my last DadCentric review I called a certain carseat a "goat fuck". Not a term that David Horowitz would use, methinks.

the weirdgirl

You know, I didn't get jack for all the gushing (still gushing) I did over the Roomba. Not even a a free filter! Don't they know I'm an untappped resource?

But I shouldn't bitch because I'm working for a hard drive company right now and, yes, I've been getting free drives!


All I've received is free licorice and a book about babies (like I needed that!).

I want stuff that uses electricity damnit!

(I'll send you the hosiery, however)

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