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To answer your question....Well I'm supposed to be working instead of reading your blog if that's any consolation. I guess your blog is more interesting then my Job.

I guess we forget why the rest of the world would want to come to Spokane sometimes. Not that hard to get a flight to New York from here. But then again neither is Vegas.



I'm on my way to Portland this Friday with some fellow GU alumn of my own to drown in green beer and NCAA basketball.


Dude, I totally apologize for the "24" spoiler. Sorry!

And, by the way, I had NO IDEA that you were a Zag! That explains that weird Adam Morrison porn moustache that you were sporting a few weeks ago! (kidding, people!)

Mr. Big Dubya

I too am behind on 24, but I heard that Kim was in peril - something about rabid nuns taking over CTU while Jack was (finally) taking a piss break. It was all orchestrated by (spoiler alert!) NINA!! Who knew?


Saw last week's 24, DVR'ed this week's, have not yet seen it BUT HAD IT RUINED BY THOSE FUCKERS ON THE TODAY SHOW WHO GAVE AWAY A COUPLE OF MAJOR, MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS THIS MORNING. Which really pissed me off because this season has rocked.


Working??? Yeah... I'm working... if by working you mean reading your blog and posting in my blog... then by all means I am working.

Sshhh, don't tell anyone.


And, isn't there an inverse relationship between the amount of room in the work schedule and the - drawn into the abyss - freakin' blog addiction.

It's really their fault anyway for giving you a computer at your desk. Whadda ya work for Nasa or something?

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