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Sorry to hear about the news. I should probably be happy for you/him since he will be doing an honorable thing and serve his country. But I aslo have a horrible feeling about Iraq, especially lately. When the war started I was very positive and was sure everything was going to work out great. But as everyone with half a brain can see, the whole mission is a complete disaster and it's only getting worse.
What also makes me upset is that many in the military are people who didn't really have many other choices. Most are kind of poor and not well educated and the military is a dangerous way of making some money. I don't see too many investment bankers or lawyers over there (probably a good thing) so it's the less fortunate who are making the sacrifices.

Enough babbling. I hope your brother has a safe stay over there and comes back with a wider perspective on life and the world.

Best of luck


Mr. Big Dubya

Not to throw water on AD's comment - but I need to dispel a myth about the people in the military - they're not all people who have no other choice, nor are they all poorly educated nor are they all poor. This military is not made up of the same caliber of people who were drafted during Viet Nam - they're just not. Today's military is too sophisticated for stupid people - there's a reason for the ASVAB test. Sure, not every enlisted guy is a candidate for MENSA, but they're not short bus riders either.

My job didn't require a Ph.D. to do, but I had to be smart enough to be able to not get people killed. I spent a lot of time with what outsiders would consider cannon fodder, grunts, crunchies, gun bunnies, whatever, but a lot...A LOT...of these guys I served with were high school graduates doing their time to get money for college - guys who had families who could afford to send them, but would prefer to do it on their own - like me.

The National Guard, who are picking up a lot of the slack because you need to maintain "ready divisions," is made up of cops, firemen, ad executives, financial guys, students, telecom, accountants, lawyers - you name it - and their not all rear echelon mother f'ers (REMFs) either - these are guys, like me, who understand that during a war that their life-expectancy can be calculated in minutes, sometimes seconds. My job, when I was humpin', had me at a whopping 90 seconds. When I was in an armored vehicle, it jumped to 3 minutes - that's from the moment of contact. But infantry needs artillery strikes and you gotta have guys to call for it. Ya gotta do what you gotta do.

Tony - I apologize for the length of this comment. And know that I consider your brother my brother. I'd like to meet him some day, shake his hand and talk some shit with him. Safe home to him. Tell him I said Hoooha, drive on.


Best wishes and safe voyage to your brother, Tony. Prayers and thought will be with him.


We will keep him in our thoughts and our prayers Tony and wish him a quick and safe tour of duty.

Chocolate Makes it Better

Mate, my thoughts are with your brother. It sucks that he has to go into such a hot zone but on the other hand.......night vision goggles....COOL!

The wedgie thing - I can totaly relate. My brother was a police officer but that didn't mean i didn't give him shit at every opportunity


Hey Tony - give your brother my best.

the weirdgirl

Here's hoping your brother has a safe (and very boring) tour. I wish you and your family all the best. Take care.

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