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I'd say "welcome back" or some other trite and unbelievable nonsense but that would suggest a degree of familiarity which is not present and I am rather overwhelmed with envy or some other green emotion as I reflect on your description of your trip. I cannot believe the man in the budgie smuggler is European... at least, I think he isn't French.

Mr. Big Dubya

Ah, a Cohiba, a beer, and some "Girl from Impanema" he says while wistfully looking out his window at grey skies, dead grass and barren trees.


Oh. My. God.

Well, at least it's getting to be spring here. No one's been chasing me down with beer lately, though.


I'd say welcome back also but I've been obsessing over all the random hyperlinks involved in reading this post. Dude, where do you find this stuff? Brilliant! Glad to have you back home.


Welcome back!!! I love the beer story. Wish I could have seen your face! And I must apologize on behalf of all Europeans for those horrific Speedos. If you want to wear stuff like that you should either be a gorgeous chic with teh best ass in town or a guy with a well built body who wants a nice tan.

Hope u have a snowstorm in NYC soon..... I got off the plane from Baja California and was meet by fucking freezing temperatures and a snowstorm. I was so glad to be home it didn't really matter but the body sure got a shock.

Have a nice weekend



mmm... sounds like heaven!

i wonder if i'd get fired for leaving work and knocking back a few red stripes on my lunch break. because, with every fiber of my being, that it the very thing i want to do most right now.


Sigh... reminds me of my Honeymoon in Jamaica... even the beer guy on the bus (9 years later, it's probably the same guy)

I wish I could go back to Jamaica right now... but I guess I'll have to be happy with our end of May trip with The Peanut Butter & The Jelly to Disneyworld.

Phat Daddy

Man am I insanely jealous at the moment.


I've been dying to hear about your trip - my hubby and I are actually planning on Negril in April 2007, but haven't picked a resort yet. Where did you end up?



We were in Negril at Couples Swept Away. There's two Couples resorts in Negril, but that one is much more low key and is on the 7.5 mile beach. All-inclusive, tons of activities, crazy-relaxing.


You put the big "BL" in blog.. I'm with Metro, where do you get this stuff.

Phew, glad yer back.


No fair. I want to vacation in a place where they offer you beer on a bus and then chase you down to deliver it. That AND margaritas on the beach? Very, very jealous.


Cool. Thanks for the tip!

Chocolate Makes it Better

Dude...that's got to be one of the best beer stories i have heard in ages.

the weirdgirl

Great post! Enjoyed every word. Though now I have pictures of the candy pouch (ew!) and speedos stuck in my head.

Oh yeah, and my dad would so be the guy wearing those speedos. WHY aren't I blind yet?!

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