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Since none of you jokers comment on my blog, I'm going to start commenting myself.

"CroutonBoy, you are the funniest guy on the planet. I TOTALLY HEAR YOU...we have a hard time making plans, too! And it sure is expensive paying for a car service to Canarsie for your babysitter, isn't it? Sheesh. Well keep up the good work, man!"


Thanks for the comments, CroutonBoy. I appreciate your support!


Ah, don't worry about the people who don't comment. They suck. And your "date night" is sadly familiar.

Gramma Bette


Gramma Bette

And car service????!!!! Why don't you plan to go out on Sat. night while we are there and we will lovingly, and cheaply watch the baby. You may have to pay to get us back to the hotel, but that will definately be cheaper in the long run, and we will be happy.

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